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The situation for engineering education is changing. Society needs an increasing number of engineers, requiring ever- increasing student enrolment in engineering colleges. The variety of skills that engineering students should master is also increasing. We believe learning is best achieved through an interactive environment rather than a one way transmission process. It is demonstrated that the combination method suggested creates a vibrant environment in which students’ self-esteem is boosted and consequently their motivation is increased. This results in much higher efficient. In Infomatica the students are free to express their view about every faculty through feedback taken after completion of each lecture. This allows us to improve our teaching quality.


  • To understand the multiple aspects of Curriculum
  • To apply principles of learning appropriate to adolescent students
  • To use appropriate Instructional methods and media
  • To use appropriate evaluation tools to assess students
  • To use Interactive sessions enrich the discussion abilities of the students.

In our teaching methodologies we include weekly prelature assignments, concept tests and student seminar presentations, which lead to an ideal learning cycle. We give our students frequent guiding feedback which is essential to improve student learning. The learning results were encouraging; the students were motivated and they were able to improve their communication and problem-solving skills. Most importantly, the students seemed to have achieved better learning results than with traditional lecturing. In Infomatica the methods of instruction include a carefully structured mix of classroom sessions; computer based training and audio-visual presentations on TV screens. Theoretical aspects guided by the faculty, help the student test the concepts that have been explained in syllabus provided by colleges. Personalized instructions are provided to each and every student. The student’s progress is continuously assessed through a series of internal tests and assignments. These are given significant weightage in accessing the total progress of the students understanding. During exams or lectures the defaulters name reported to the parents through sms/call.


Shrey Shailesh Shah - Degree

I Am The Student Of this class. My performance is improved, because at this class i feel happy to learn. Every teachers always support me in all situation. The subjects teachers are very good in their own subjects. The teaching style of the professors is very nice. This is the best class in our area.

Harsh Gavhane - Diploma

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