Engineering or Medical: The Better Career Choice for a Student

This is a million dollar question that makes every teenager and their parents scratch their mind each summer. The minute you dwell upon this question, it seems like everyone wants to give their opinion to you. In the end, instead of reaching at a conclusive result, you end even more confused than before.

So, today in this blog, we will share the factors that you should take into consideration while deciding between the titan, i.e., which is a better career choice for you: Engineering or Medical.

Before we start, let’s look at what the Engineering and Medical branch are in a nutshell.

Engineering: The engineering field is very vast with many different options to choose from. All of them are very different from each other. Sitting in front of the computer the whole day in CS or working on the field in Civil Engineering. However, all of them have something in common. Students will be dealing with the application of science and maths in real-life situations. Most likely you will have to wear a suit and deal with machines as well as the people associated with those machines.

Medical: Medical field also has vast sub-fields to choose from. But most of them aren’t as diverse. You may say a surgeon, physician, and a psychiatrist are all different, but they are a lot closer than a civil and IT guy. You will be dealing with human anatomy only. As you would be dealing with people having a disease, so being emotional strong while doing surgery or treating them is a must have quality.

Now that we have captured what the two Careers are let’s look at some of the requirement of each profession:


1. Innovative and Cognitive Skills: As an engineer, the situation would demand you to be innovative and reasonable. As most times, you would be short on time for a task and would have to come up with ideas to finish the task on time.

2. Teamwork: A very important aspect of engineering is dealing with your colleagues, junior and senior, and work as a team. If you can’t work in a team, then engineering would be hard for you.

3. Good communication skills: As an engineer, you would definitely be required to translate the technical aspect of your job to non technical people including your bosses. This will be a big problem if your communication skills aren’t good.

4. Attention to detail: As an engineer, you need to pay close attention to every detail as projects worth millions may depend upon it. A single bug or crack can be disastrous in the long run. So, you need to be meticulous in your work.


1. Memory: As a doctor, you need to have a memory that can store the entire human anatomy. It’s not easy, and you can’t look everything up, so having a mind that can store so much is important.

2. Professional: As a doctor, you need to be very professional and keep a check on your emotions. If you can’t do this, then it will become a problem. letting out a drug addict so that he can visit his sister’s wedding is tempting, but the same person can also end up back in the loop of drugs and can ruin your whole progress . So, as a doctor, you need to control your emotions.

3. Work Ethic: You may be required for an emergency 24/7 and if you feel lazy even for a minute someone can die. So, your work ethic should be top notch.

4. Humility: You should appear as someone caring and compassionate to the patient. So, that they feel happy coming to you and have a belief of being treated right.

Now that you know the required skill set for both a doctor and an engineer, you can see what is the better choice for you as a student. Remember both Engineering and Medical are great fields and the question you should be asking is not ‘what is right’ but ‘what is right for me’.

If you like to innovate, explore, discover new things in life, then engineering is the choice for you. But, remember, it won’t be easy, and you will have to work really hard before the money starts flowing. If you like problem-solving, then select the branch of your interest and excel it. You will be successful as there is a lot of opportunities.

On the other hand, a medical job is the most respected job in our society. If you love medicine or want to save someone’s life. Then, this is the career for you without a doubt. Because medical isn’t about the pros and cons, it’s about going on a journey of changing lives. You will not only be rich but have respect of the society, so if you love the journey go for it in a heartbeat.