How to Manage Time During IIT-JEE Preparation?

As a JEE Mains aspirants, you might find it hard to manage time along with school, coaching, and personal preparation. Normally, students complain they don’t have enough time for everything and miss school, sleep, and food due to it.

But the problem is not time but their way to manage it. Time management is a very important factor while preparing for IIT-JEE and score well in the boards. If you can manage your time well with study, break, and revision, you already have an advantage on the majority of the student giving the exam. Hence, we will be giving you some tips on how to manage your time.

Create a study plan:

Start off by creating an effective, well thought out, and productive study Plan. This plan should be prepared by you with taking your strengths and weakness into consideration. Like if you can’t study for hours then take a food break or something else in between.

You are not a robot, nor should your schedule be like that. Shuffle them a bit to add some sparks like adding scholarly videos or animations on the topic you are studying.

Don’t forget to add breaks in between. No matter how dedicated you are, you need to take breaks to keep your body fit and mind fresh. Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue this for a long period.

Task Priority:

You need to work according to the priority of work around. You can’t study for a test which is three months later just because you love the subject. Try to study the subject based on their importance and the difficulty they pose.

You can prioritize the tasks on the following factors:

• Important and Urgent tasks,

• Urgent tasks

• Important but not urgent tasks,

• Neither urgent nor important tasks.

But these tasks should be short term, practical, and definitely related to your study plan. But these tasks should not overload you with the study. In some cases, they will not hamper your study but frustrate you which disable you to study well.

Follow Your Plan:

Making a plan is not so difficult, most people do it almost every day. But sticking to it is a problem. Any little change will destroy your plan, and you will just work chasing the first day. So, once you create a realistic plan, stick to it. Don’t let any external pressure or influencers dictate your mind and change your plan.

Apart from this, you need to consider a few more things.

• Not everyone is the same: You might see someone studying for long hours and sitting 7 to 8 hours at once. Don’t try to replicate them. They may have various reasons for doing so, like taking more time to understand, likes to relax at once. While you like to take a break, and studying for long hours might harm you then helping. So stick to what you are good at and try to improve step by step in areas where you are weak.

• Be smart: If a particular topic or chapter is beyond you. Then it is wise to leave it and if it is too big a risk to leave, take private coaching. Private is important here as you can ask the teacher on which topics to focus more for easy marks and are easy to understand. You don’t need to be a master of all trades to get into IIT, jack is enough.

• Entertain yourself: Studying for 15 hours can be hard and tire you easily. So, it is important to entertain yourself. I know most of your JEE aspirants have seen seniors revising while eating or getting fresh but only do that when it is urgent. Normally, watch TV shows, listen to songs or devote an hour each week for your hobby to be entertain. You can also go out to meet your friends once every two months to move out of the robotic schedule.

• Sleeping and eating are equally important: I can’t stress this enough, but if you don’t eat and sleep well, you would fall ill, miss classes and play catch up which is not good. So, sleep and eat well. If you can manage your time during your preparation, you won’t have a nervous breakdown, and it will give you confidence that you have done your preparation wholeheartedly. It will enhance your performance and optimism. The best thing about time management is it ensures complete preparation and no requirement of last-minute short cuts.