How to Remain Calm During NEET Preparation?

Students often speak they feel restless, nervous as the NEET exam approaches. Even though they are sure of their preparation, they are not confident about the exam. This is due to a lot of reason, first is the pressure that the students are under. Second is the age, students are in the intermediate stage, they are not mature yet and not children as well. With all the hormonal changes happening in the body, it hard to manage a hyped exam like NEET.

So, being anxious and nervous during NEET Preparation is normal. But that doesn’t mean you should not do anything about it. As it can damage your potential in the exam. So, here are a few tips to help you remain calm during NEET preparation.

• The basic is to keep your body fit both mentally and physically. You need to sleep 7 hours at least daily and eat properly. Drink a glass of milk and eat fruit daily, it will keep your body fit.

• You can start your day by meditating for 10 – 15 mins daily before you do any work. You can also meditate between your studies, to remain calm and also have a break in between sitting, which is also helpful.

• Talk to any member of your family at least once in a day. Do not need to be an hour long just long enough that you forget your study for a while and feel refreshed. This person could also be your partner or a friend anyone who doesn’t demotivate you or waste your time.

• Never miss the test in your coaching. This is important as you can constantly be aware of your position and the progress of your preparation. If you are not doing well, study even harder. If you are above par then just continue working.

• Always clear your doubts, and try to get over silly mistakes. You can do this by taking the help of your friend or a teacher but be sure to clear them. Because if you answer the same question in the test which you got wrong the previous time and made less silly mistakes, then you are probably progressing and it is a sign of self-confidence which will help you remain calm and positive for the NEET exam.

• You can start your preparation by studying from the NCERT books and then move on to other books and coaching materials. While studying, you need to understand the concept rather than cramming things. Once. This is done; you would think logical about each question. Whether you have seen the question before or not, you would still be able to solve it.

• Another way to gain confidence is by solving previous year question paper of NEET. This will help you know the pattern of the exam but also tell you which section of yours is strong and which need more preparation. If you solve all, just move on to the next topic.

• Try to stay away from people who keep demotivating you by asking you impossible or out of syllabus questions. You will find many people who brag in front of you, it is better to ignore them.

• Don’t compare yourself with other people or someone in your family. You are you, and they are different; they worked under different circumstances and had a different question paper. So just focus on yourself only.

• Now I know most people will ask you to deactivate your social media account and disconnect yourself from the outside world. However, you need some entertainment to freshen yourself up. Using Social media daily is a bad thing, but once in a while is fine but not for long. If you seem like being addictive, it's better to delete the account.

• Making flashcards and notes. Whenever you feel like being nervous, just grab notes of the previous chapter and revise them. It would be hard to revise but give it a try, if you know the chapter already, that means your preparation is going well and need not worry much.

• This is just an exam, not a do or die situation. So, thinking that your future rest on it and failing means the end of the world or no more chances. Then you are wrong. I know most of the student also have the pressure of putting shame to your family by failing. They would be upset, but they wouldn’t stop caring for you, and they will definitely give you a second option in life.