How to Start Preparing for IIT-JEE from Class 11

The most vital reason behind the approach to start IIT JEE preparation right from class 11 is because the syllabus for JEE Exam includes class 11 and class 12 curriculum for all the three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Class 11th syllabus turns into the root of the whole program over the three subject fields. Thus, as the students get ready for their school tests and exams, they can at the same time begin studying from IIT Books for class 11.

There have been several circumstances where students were in the long run, compelled to drop a year after class 12 to prepare well for JEE exams. One year of preparation period, alongside class 12 studies, can make it excessively prolonged for everybody. Thus, ordinarily, we hear students struggling for answers to questions like what is the quick method for JEE Main preparation right from class 11.

It is essential for you to make a legitimate plan which can genuinely be useful for your IIT JEE Exam preparations. If you want to crack JEE, you ought to follow the 2-year plan according to the procedure shared beneath. It will be useful for you to remain in constant training.

Let’s understand the right strategy to prepare for IIT JEE.

Decode essential concepts

To begin with, make a checklist of the critical concepts to practice them as the need arises. Always make it a point to first comprehend the theory part and only after that go for the practical problems. This approach will help you understand concepts much efficiently.

A few concepts very often show up into the previous year question papers, make a note of those questions with a high likelihood of reappearing in the exams, and practice them.

Whatever you reach the point where you have completed a concept, also start practicing questions similar to them for remembering it appropriately.

Pick the correct books and study material

You have to choose whether you need to begin studying from important JEE preparation books available in the market or join a coaching institute where you are given IIT JEE MAINS study material which is all that a student could need to cover his or her syllabus.

The reliable coaching institutes have a strategy designed to prepare its students for all the theory and questions as per the JEE level.

Also, don't neglect NCERT books as they are additionally great sources such as summary and solved examples, particularly for Chemistry.

Look for online expert assistance

These days, some of the students prefer online sessions to physical classrooms for competitive examinations like IIT JEE Mains.

So, in case you too feel that need too, you can also join up with online classes for JEE Main preparation, which are held under the direction of professionals. Online courses likewise save plenty of time as you don't need to travel and can get the training from the convenience of your home.

Efficiently manage your time

Regardless of how much endeavors you put in or what number of question papers you are solving, when you don't use your time adequately, you will never have the opportunity to finish the syllabus and practice in time.

In this digital era, you can utilize the time management applications to keep a proper track of the time allocated to different subjects, chapters, practice, and revision. One such simple and useful app is Google Calendar, which can be utilized to assign days and time to different chapters. It tends to be more viable than a printed calendar because it’ll give you updates for various saved events.

Revise smartly

Students preparing for IIT JEE Mains either revise excessively or not at all. Both are not apt at this stage.

Remember when you are through with a section of any subject, revise it entirely yet don't spend more than 2 - 3 hours on revision. Further enhance your revision period by solving practice questions on the subject from related reference books. It will, as a result, help you promptly comprehend the syllabus you have recently studied.

It is imperative to follow a few reference books for a subject like physics and practice how many times possible to get confidence in the process of problem-solving. It will empower the comprehensive learning of application-based problem-thinking.

Also, make a precise note of every formula in a categorical form amid the JEE exam preparations right from the class 11th.

So, when students follow this strategical planning, as the big day arrives, they will hopefully be prepared academically as well psychologically well to give the JEE exam with full confidence. All the best for your journey ahead!