Time management tips for scoring maximum marks in JEE Main Exam

Do you usually find it tough to manage CBSE studies along with JEE preparation? Are you having a shortage of time for JEE exam preparation? Do you always worry about how to get good marks in JEE MAINS? If your answer is 'Yes' you have to master time management skills.

Time management is extremely crucial to prepare well for your IIT JEE Exam as well as to score good marks in the exam. It supports you in handling time between the constant cycle of study, revision, study break, and revision. If you are unable to manage time during JEE Mains preparation accurately, these time management tips are clearly for you.

Scoring good marks and good All India Rank is the dream of each JEE candidate. We comprehend their stress of clearing the JEE Main with 250+ scores as it will boost their chances to get shortlisted for JEE Advanced.

In this way, here we have listed the top 3 tips for time management to score well in JEE Main Exams.

Structure Your Study Plan

Creating priorities is relatively crucial to accomplish your goals. So, build a thorough study plan for your upcoming JEE Exam. If you are thinking about how to study for JEE MAINS, always structure your study plan, relying on your strengths and weaknesses.

Also, constant studying and revision may confuse you as all humans call for a break after some intervals. So, adding break time in your study plan is also vital.

Make a weekly plan for JEE Exam Preparation. Your plan ought to have categories such as deadlines for exam revision and formalities. You also must invest some time in attending IIT JEE online video lectures for improving your JEE preparation. Due to the easy words and innovative infographics, these online lectures are a handy tool for the students in preparing efficiently for JEE Main Exam.

Once you have structured your JEE exam study plan, it is essential to follow the same. Do not allow any influencers or external pressure to dictate your time plan and mind.

Divide Time Properly While Solving the Question Paper

Time management is the key to success, so you must manage your time in the right manner. JEE Main is about your analytical aptitudes and the speed of answering the questions, so this is one of the most important tips for securing the high score in JEE Mains Exams.

An examination is of 3 hours, which comprises of three segments. So, how to score good marks in JEE MAINS? Give sufficient time to each segment to secure good marks in all, to get a seat in a good IIT college.

Make sure to endeavor to solve all the easy segment questions first, which you consider can be answered within a few minutes. This strategy is necessary because it is imperative to solve more questions during the exam to accomplish high scores in the JEE Main Exam.

Invest 1.5 minutes on each question in the paper and first attempt to solve all the simple questions. In case you feel that one question is taking longer time than usual, abandon that particular question and move on to the next one. If time permits, you can go through them out later again.

Further, pick the questions that take around 4 minutes to attempt. Read those questions well. Remember you don't have to give this section of the JEE exam above 30 to 45 minutes as it's crucial to read the whole question paper once more in order to know that you have made no mistake.

Lastly, give time to questions which you abandoned in the first place. Try to solve them but do not ever apply the guess factor as it will lead to low ranking. Only attempt if you are highly sure about the answer. Do not spend more than 3 minutes on these difficult questions.

Avoid Social Media Platforms

Presently, the fundamental obstacle in accomplishing good marks in exams is social media channels. People very much get involved in platforms like Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, etc. So, the solution of how to prepare for JEE MAINS in 10 days is not staying active on these online networking channels. Completely withdraw yourself from these distractions to revise thoroughly in 10 days.

Time management will help you a lot in not just relieving your tension of how to score in JEE MAINS but also clearing the IIT JEE Main Exam with good rank. Simply, make sure to create a study plan before the examination day and follow the answer solving pattern, as suggested in the above tips.