Best Tips on How to Solve JEE Main Papers

Many JEE aspirants face a common problem every year when they give the Joint Entrance Exam. Students are not able to comprehend the pressure and messed their paper up. This is not a problem with students from certain collectives, we hear such stories from all over India. Most of them have prepared well for the exam and even practice mock tests under the same situations, but they are still not able to apply those strategies in JEE Main Paper.

The common mistake that happens was marking the wrong answer in the sheet or not pacing their paper right only to be baffled with leftovers questions in the end. In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to solve your JEE Main papers better and not mess it up. If you are future JEE aspirants and do not want to repeat these mistakes, then these tips are important for you.

It is very important to have an exam strategy while solving any paper, and JEE Mains is no exception. Just knowing all the topics and having problem-solving ability isn’t enough. You need to know the trick and practices of solving such paper.

1. Stay calm before the paper

You need to be relaxed before starting your paper. If you are anxious or nervous, it won't help. So, close your eyes and try to concentrate by meditating for a couple of minutes. Just remember it is just three hours and you will be free. You always have a second chance, so no need to get worried about the result. Just believe in your preparation and give you best with no fear. You can also listen to music or talk to someone to stay calm.

2. Always Read the instructions carefully

This is not only for JEE mains and reading the instructions is a basic step for each and every exam you ever attend. You need to read the instructions even though you know what they are. This will boost your confidence and revise your knowledge on how to select, review, and submit the answers. If there are some changes in the pattern, you would know that as well.

3. Answer the paper like a Mock test

It happens often that people make mistakes while answering in exams, even when they solve the same things easily while at home. There is an added pressure which causes the student to do so. So, to avoid this exam pressure, you can start solving it with a mentality of a mock test. Do the things you usually do in a mock test to get the right mindset. Once you perceive your test to be another exam, you won’t feel the pressure anymore and do a lot better.

4. Attempt the section you know well first

You are sure to have a preferred section like organic chemistry, Newton’s physics or math’s. Whatever it is we recommend you to start from there. Doing so has two basic advantages. First, you will have confidence that you can solve the paper. Second, since this is your strong section, it will take lesser time, giving you extra minutes for other, more difficult queries. Also, studies show that even your guess has a better chance when you are high on confidence.

5. Always keep a watch on the side

This is important in all exam and not just JEE Main. You need to keep a watch always on the side. You need to know the time always to pace the exam correctly and make sure you have ample time for difficult questions.. Though you should solve the question with precision and don’t rush things. One right answer is better than two wrong ones.

6. Don’t waste more time on a single question

If you are spending too much time on a single question, then it is better to skip it then to solve it further and waste time. This is a basic rule of the competitive exam that if you can’t solve it under a minute, you would only be wasting more time on it. So, do not let any single question eat up your time. Move on.

7. Don’t mess your rough work

Provide a separate page for rough work and don’t try to mess it in a bid to be faster. This might help you in the beginning but after a while the whole thing becomes a mess and this is known to cause silly mistakes.

8. Don’t Panic and Stay Positive

Studies show that confidence helps relax your mind and even in the toughest situation it helps you do your best. The best way to make sure you do your best in every exam is not to panic and stay positive.

9. Have a good sleep before the exam

You might have rats running in your stomach but a good 7 to 8 hours night sleep is mandatory for you to relax. Exams require your brain to be fully functional for your to deliver your best performance and even if you revise that one rule 13 more times, a tired brain will only result in a poor performance.