Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET Preparation

NEET is the most arduous test for every single striving doctor. It’s vital for them, but at the same time it is similarly challenging! While smart NEET preparation and diligence is the way to crack this exam, in the meantime, it is additionally essential to realize how one must act during preparation as well as in the examination hall to make sure you deliver your best performance.

So, candidates are encouraged to check these 7 NEET preparation tips to give the NEET exam efficiently. They help to avoid mistakes during preparation and to deal with their examination day.

1. Not focusing on class 11th Syllabus

In case you have recently begun your NEET preparation strategy, it's the right time for you to begin assembling the base of your studies, i.e., directly through the 11th class syllabus. An initial strategical foundation supports you in creating the plans and get clarity in advance for your endeavors, which is a vital element for your NEET examination.

2. Giving less importance to NCERT books

NCERT is the priority for the aspirants getting ready for NEET exam. It is the most critical and one of the best books for NEET preparation. There is a likelihood that you will discover questions reliant on or precisely like NCERT solved exams and back exercises. Some biology questions are even directly composed as found in NCERT course books in NEET question papers.

Thus, messing with NCERT and not giving enough importance can cost you vigorously as well as negatively in the NEET Exam.

3. Not taking sufficient mock tests

Even after taking the help of various paid or free practice papers and test, a large number of students don't benefit from them. The reason for such result is a term called "lethargy."

The practice tests and mock tests not just allow you to comprehend the significance of managing the time; it also highlights your weak points in the specific subject or chapter.

4. Ignoring difficult questions or chapters

Do not think that the difficult questions that you dodged will not come in the NEET exam, you have to start attempting them. Ignoring an issue will just make it bigger.

It is necessary to rack your mind, make attempts to understand and get a hold on the chapter, instead of running away from the problematic parts.

You can take advantage of technology nowadays by watching online seminars from qualified instructors. You can also learn a biological concept or process by its 3D representation. Students, in this way, can understand, visualize as well as connect with concepts. You can further take part in live sessions in order to clear your doubts at your suitable time which give personal attention.

5. Not looking for advice

While studying in secondary school, students neglect to look for advice on the NEET exam preparation. Teachers are very much aware of the exam models and crucial topics. So, looking for counseling from them will assist you with studying in detail.

Continuously clear your issues on time and don't depend on tomorrow. There are several study materials and online websites that will assist you too in studying appropriately and will clear your doubts. Getting a coaching class could also help a lot for getting the right advice.

6. Not understanding topics rather rote-learning

NEET Exam is a very tough nut to crack, and rote-learning of chapters will not be very valuable. A student needs to understand the concepts entirely instead of simply mugging up to clear the exam.

Candidates can make short notes while studying or learning from NEET preparation books for quick revision of the concepts and topics they learn in the last days.

7. Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is another huge deterrent for the medical exam candidates during the D-day. You can lose even a little battle when you have uncertainties about yourself. The best way to be positive about the exam is to get ready well in advance. As said before, your NEET preparation starts on the first day of the classes, and it includes adapting smartly.

You have to go through NEET preparation books accurately and focus on chapter wise weight division of essential topics and sections. When you've buckled down everything beforehand, you absolutely achieve confidence and success both.

NEET is definitely a difficult exam, and medical applicants require the right preparation, hard work, and the best technique to crack it. Hence, the mistakes and pieces of advice we stated above would assist you in knowing the situation where you can allow the success to slip away from your hands. Follow these NEET preparation tips, and you will see how good you scored in the examination.

R. D. Sharma

One of the best reference books for students of class 11 and 12 both preparing for IIT. It covers the exercises, including the whole syllabus of Mathematics concerning IIT JEE, AIEEE, and different state-level engineering entrance examination.

This book is worth referring for Algebra, Permutations and Combinations, Quadratic equations Probability, and Determinants practice.

Arihant Algebra

This is one of the most wonderfully composed book on the subject. The best part of this book is its coverage in Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Heights and Distances, which will be beneficial in preparation for JEE Mains. The book offers a helpful learning experience, and the exercises have both fundamental and standard questions.

Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit Agarwal

Differential Calculus by Amit Agarwal has various set of problems that benefits you a lot when you are on the journey of JEE Main preparation. The solved examples, as well as theoretical knowledge, are reliable and carefully organized. This book also has two Proficiency Exercises section.

To structure out your concepts, you must pick the best books for JEE Mains which must not contain just theory but also define all the important topics of the chapters. Also, remember the selection of JEE main books should entirely rely upon your subject requirements.