How to Get Good Marks in Physics in Class 12 Boards and JEE?

Let me start by saying that getting good marks in Physics in Class 12 Boards and JEE are two different things. What you study for Boards is completely different than what you study for JEE to get marks. For example, you may have to derive an existing formula during a Class 12 Board exam whereas JEE would give you a configuration and you will have to derive a formula from it.

So, if you are looking to score good marks in either, you first and foremost need to understand that you’ll have to prepare for them separately because both have different syllabus and types of question. Let’s start with Class 12 Boards first.

Class 12 Boards:

While advised, you don’t necessarily need to study the whole year for this. Even one or month prior to the exam will be sufficient, or you can complete each chapter each month as well.

Where to study?

Physics NCERT class 12 book is more than enough as examiner don’t give question out of NCERT syllabus. Examining the question papers of 10-year would come in handy as the people who prepare the question are often lazy, and they repeat questions. But you need to learn the derivation as well only the popular ones as Physics has a long-standing tradition of giving 2 – 3 derivations in the exam.

How to study?

Although understanding the concept is a must in physics, if you are short on time you can just learn the important topics like a parrot and vomit them in the exam, especially the later chapters. This is not good practice and shouldn’t be your first thought, but if for any reason you don’t have time to understand the concept, you can cram as well. Skipping topic might not be good in the Boards.

How to get good marks in Practical?

Practicals contribute to a huge portion to your overall marks. You need to perform well if you want to score good marks. The easiest thing is to go to school on days with a practical period, maintain your lab records, and get used to the apparatus and instruments. If you have a basic idea and have lab records, you can score the maximum number in the practical even by watching YouTube videos and doing as shown.

JEE Physics Paper:

JEE Physics Paper is entirely different than the Boards. It can be quite easy to score if you understand what and how to learn. You need to be dedicated throughout the year to get good marks, unlike the Board.

Where to study?

There are a ton of materials you can study from, for the JEE physics. You can get the materials from various coaching centre for practice, which might be good. But the staple book for JEE physics is HC Verma “Concepts of Physics Vol I and II” and Irodov “Problems in General Physics”. You should start off with HC Verma as it is easier and will get you in the habit of solving and once you are done with it. Work on Irodov, and if you can do its sums, then you are on the way to scoring good marks in JEE Physics section.

How to study?

JEE is all about understanding the concept, if you cram it, then it is of no use, and you will fail miserably. So, you first need to understand the concept. Unlike boards, each question in JEE paper is different as they don’t repeat the same questions from the previous years. Don’t work on theory and derivation for JEE only practice numerical as much as you can, but those should be of JEE Mains level; otherwise, it is of no use. You can skip some topics for JEE Mains but the rest of them should be perfect otherwise it would be a disaster.

Some more tips for scoring good marks

• Prepare notes for both Class 12th Boards and JEE Physics. These should be self-prepared notes of the things you want to remember just before an example.

• Revision: You need to revise each topic almost regularly to keep in touch with the concept and remember the formula. Otherwise, when the time for exams reaches close, you would have to study from the start and spend more time in revision, which is a waste of time.

• Clear your Doubts: You need to clear your doubts each time you have them, just leaving the topic won’t help. Clearing the doubts and solving those problems boost your confidence, which is always a welcome addition.

These are the tips the best teachers believe you need to keep in mind while preparing to score good marks in Physics in Class 12th Boards and JEE. At the end remember, it’s just another exam and if you have prepared for it then there is nothing you need to fear.