About Seminar

🌟 Welcome to the 'No More Regrets' Career Guidance Seminar by Infomatica Educational Trust! 🚀 This seminar is tailored for 10th appeared students, guiding them in making informed decisions about their future careers. 🎓 Join us to explore various career paths, understand different educational opportunities, and gain valuable insights to shape your future with confidence. Say goodbye to regrets and hello to a brighter future with our expert guidance and support. 🌈 Register now and take the first step towards a successful career!

Students Testimonials

Why “No More Regrets”

  • What next after class -10th?
  • How to decide the right stream?
  • Find the right career path guidance after 10th.
  • Get expert advice to match studies with goals.
  • Ease parental worries with reliable support.
  • Explore diverse streams and vocational paths.
  • Develop skills to overcome challenges.
  • Boost confidence for pursuing chosen careers.
  • Empower both students and parents for a brighter future.


  • Clarity: Gain clear understanding about career options and educational pathways.
  • Confidence: Feel more confident in making decisions about your future.
  • Support: Receive guidance and support from experts and peers.
  • Preparation: Get ready for the challenges ahead with valuable insights and resources.
  • Success: Set yourself up for success in your academic and professional journey.

For whom this seminar is?

  • For Parents: Seeking career guidance for their children's transition from 10th to 11th grade.
  • For 10th Appeared Students: Looking to make informed decisions about their career paths.
  • For Students Considering 11th Grade: Exploring various streams and options available after completing 10th grade.
  • For Those Seeking Clarity: Providing insights into different career options and educational opportunities.
  • For Students Wanting to Avoid Regrets: Helping students make well-informed decisions to prevent future regrets about their career choices.