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Class 11th Science

Why to join Class 11th Science at Infomatica ?

After completing their class 10th, students have a great variety of options to choose from for their further education. With a growing number of students opting for the science stream, there is a great need for good coaching classes. Although there is no lack of coaching classes in the city, not every coaching class can cater to all the needs of the students and ensure excellent scores consistently. This is what sets Infomatica apart from the numerous other institutions spread across Mumbai.

Infomatica is a well-renowned institution in Mumbai that provides the best coaching classes for 11th Science. We provide complete assistance and proper guidance for obtaining a great score. Infomatica has various regular sessions, tests, revision classes, and exams to give the students optimum practice for their exam. We have regular lectures throughout the year as well as crash courses before exams for all subjects of Science stream. It is the leading brand in Mumbai when it comes to coaching classes for FYJC Science.

A good coaching class helps ease the burden off the students and helps them to score in their exams. We believe in actively involving our students in the teaching process to create an effective learning environment and get a better understanding of the students’ requirement. The teachers and management are always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement. Infomatica is working in an integrated manner with State of the Art Infrastructure, extensive Study Material, experienced Teachers and expert Mentors.

Your satisfaction and happiness is our success. The support of our students and parents encourages us to keep improving. Our faculty and staff strive hard to maintain the untarnished reputation of Infomatica. This enables us to always move ahead towards our goal of providing top-class coaching facilities for students.

The world around us is evolving and every institution has to maintain the standards of teaching. We are among the few coaching classes in Mumbai to use the latest teaching techniques to ensure a great learning experience. At Infomatica, we firmly believe in updating ourselves to adhere to the changing course syllabus, learning methods and examination patterns. We assure complete assistance and guidance to our students to ensure they obtain excellent results in 11th Science examination.

What is 11th Science

Science is a multi-disciplinary field with new branches being added everyday with advancing technology. There are mainly three streams after class 10th: Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. Students can choose between these three streams based on the core subjects and the career paths they wish to follow. The Science stream is usually related to medical, engineering, pharmacy, etc. The Commerce stream relates to business, commerce, and finance. The Humanities/Arts stream is the broadest, covering a range of subjects including Languages, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

Syllabus For 11th Science

The major subjects in science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. English is a compulsory subject while the other language subject can be chosen by the student. There are also practical sessions for all the major subjects.

If a student is interested in a medical field, you have to include Biology along with Physics and Chemistry as your core subject combination (PCB) along with English and one more language or IT, while for pursuing a career in engineering you will have to replace biology with mathematics as the core subject. It is hence better to decide your career choices at this stage only and choose the relevant subjects.

Exam Pattern For 11th Science

The 11th Science is a year-long course of two semesters. Each semester has 6 subjects. There are theory examinations, internal examinations, practical exams, viva and projects in each semester. Students have to individually pass in all of the above in order to clear a semester. The theory paper is mostly of three hours consisting of questions worth 80 marks based on all the chapters of a subject. The practical exams and viva is intended to test the students’ ability to apply the theoretical knowledge and concepts to practical real life problems.

11th Science Selection Process

Students have to identify their core strengths and interests and choose the stream that best suits their skills and passion. Before opting for any stream, get a clear idea about the available streams. This will help you decide the right stream. Make sure to choose a stream that matches your passion and potential

By selecting science stream after 10th, students can pursue a career or higher education in diverse fields such as Biochemistry, Dental Science, Genetics, Pharmacy, Astronomy, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, etc. besides the most common options of medical and engineering.

The selection must be based on the aptitude and passion of the student towards a particular branch/field. Future scope and career options must also be taken into consideration during the selection process. Ekeeda has special career guidance sessions for students who are confused about selecting a particular course for their further education. This enables them to make informed decisions for their future based on their passion and aptitude.

Eligibility Criteria For 11th Science

Students who have completed their 10th class can apply for the science stream.

The minimum percentage for go to the science stream is around 60% in SSC or any equivalent 10th class exam.

Registration For 11th Science

The registration or admission for 11th Science is done on the basis of the SSC marks. Obtaining a good score in 10th is imperative to get admission in a good junior college. has various educational videos explaining the different concepts of all the subjects in 11th Science which is extremely beneficial for students.

Exam Date For 11th Science

11th Science semester exams are mostly in December and April. The Board releases the exam dates about two months before the start of the exams.

Results For 11th Science

The semester exam results are declared about a month after the completion of the exams. offers educational videos on all topics of all subjects of 11th Science. These videos are extremely easy to grasp and help the students to score well in their exams.

Preparation Tips For 11th Science

Students need to be well-versed with the 9th and 10th science syllabus in order to score well in exams. The basic concepts have to be clear and their mathematical skills must be polished.

Basic preparation includes studying all the chapters from the mandatory subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Special attention must be given to numerical questions and sums.

Ekeeda has various educational videos specially designed to provide the students with tips on how to solve the question paper and attempt all the questions. These videos are aimed at helping the students to score well in their examinations. Important syllabus topics and easy-to-score topics are also enlisted to help the students to be completely prepared for their semester exams.

Study Material For 11th Science

There are specific textbooks for each subject approved by the various Boards (State, CBSE, ICSE). There are a number of reference books and past paper collections also.

Ekeeda has specially designed educational videos on all topics of the 11th Science syllabus for both semesters. These videos are designed especially to help the students to gain better understanding of the various concepts as well as to help them to score well in their exams. The videos are available on for all the students.

Ekeeda offers special packages for students for study material for the entire semester. This is done with the aim to provide the students a chance to improve their technical knowledge along with preparing them for their 11th Science exams. The packages include educational videos by trained professionals and experienced professors.